Our Urban Landscapes 're-imagine' the architecture, landmarks and everything that makes locations unique, in a bold geometric style.

Urban Illustration’s bold geometric designs show locations, places and destinations, across a range textile products.

Each product is designed, made, and printed in the UK by our creative design and print team. 

Choose from tote bags, make up bags, tea towels, aprons, and more.

Made for the Sleek and Stylish.

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Our Promise

Made in britain logo

We hold the Made in Britain accreditation and are proud to say that every product we provide is manufactured and printed in the UK. 

Our print factory is based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. It is equipped with advanced printing technology. This guarantees the finest detail can be printed, from windows to brickwork, each detail is visible, bringing your city to life.

Sustainable life logo

Our aim is to provide high end products that support the well being of those who make our business possible. This is why each and every product is accredited by Sustainable Life. 

A label that has been founded out of a desire to promote businesses that positively produce. Sustainable Life only works with companies that can prove their products are good for the people making them and kind on the planet. And a number of steps have been taken to ensure every step of the process is as sustainable as possible. 

To this end; 

  • We only use cotton suppliers who prioritise protection of the environment and workers
  • Non-toxic dyes are used in fabric dying and our inks are not harmful to people or planet
  • We protect water supplies through the use of effluent water treatment, rainwater harvesting and water recycling
  • Every product is biodegradable

When deciding on suppliers it’s important they are committed to reducing their impact on the environment as much as possible and respect the workers involved in producing the cotton. It’s important to us that our whole supply chain has traceability. 

"Urban Illustration shows that style and sustainability can co-exist"

Our print partners have a world-leading facility, ensuring that the garments not only fulfil the functionality demanded by the customer but also lessen the carbon footprint by using environmentally friendly print methods.

Every purchase your customers make has a positive environmental and social impact.