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Meet the team - with Laura Crowther

August 4, 2020

Meet the Team

With Laura Crowther

In our last blog we spoke to our Business Development Manager Dan. We’re continuing the series talking to Laura, and finding out about her role as a Designer at Urban Illustration.

  1. Hi Laura, tell us about your first few months at Urban Illustration, how has it been? It's been busy, to begin with I was working from home which was different but I am back in the office now and it’s good to be where I can work within the team rather than emailing all the time.
  2. Explain your role at Urban Illustration. I am a designer for Urban Illustration so this is predominantly drawing up the buildings in the same style and working them into the city prints that we offer.

Laura Crowther

  1. So far, what have you found the most exciting part about your role at Urban Illustration? And what are you looking forward to doing in the next year?
    Seeing some of the quirky buildings in a new city. I’m looking forward to getting quicker with the design process and seeing the designs for more cities being printed.
  2. What makes Urban Illustration products unique?
    Each city print is designed in house; we do not use ‘stock’ buildings to fill gaps. Every building, park etc on a print can actually be seen in the city that the print is designed for.
  1. What is your favourite product from the range?

    The Nightingale washbag. It is ideal for the eco-friendly minded traveller.

  2. Urban Illustration has so many colour schemes, which do you prefer?
  3. What are your favourite cities to visit?
    Manchester, Leeds, London, and Paris
  4. If you were given £5 what would spend it on?
    I’d like to say a train ticket but probably just lunch.


Wash Bag Chicory

              The Nightingale Wash Bag in Chicory
  1. What are your interests and hobbies outside of work?
    I’m also trained as a pattern cutter and costume designer, so I work with a theatre company to help out with their productions. Other than that, I have a few sewing projects on the go and decorating.
  2. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.
    A few years ago, I worked on the costumes for Little Mix’s backing dancers and Lord of the dance.
If you would like to get in touch with Laura for any information about Urban Illustration you can contact her via email at laura@urbanillustration.co.uk