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Read our FAQ section to answer any questions you may have on our design process, lead times, and products.

If you still have a question contact us on +44 (0) 114 308 0099 or email us at info@urbanillustration.co.uk to speak to one of our team.

About us

What is Urban Illustration?
Urban Illustration is a brand that creates geometric designs of your location, area, or destination. We manufacture and print all of our products in the UK. The collection is designed for you to sell in your retail store.
Who is it for?
Urban Illustration’s range of textile products are for retailers that want to offer their customers a sleek and sylish souvenir, they can take home and remember their visit for years to come.
Do you have an Instagram account I can follow?
Yes it is @urbanillustration.

Order Quantities and Lead Times

What is your minimum order quantity?
We understand that you want to try new products before committing to larger quantities so our MOQ is only 25 units per product. If you wish to have multiple colourways, then our minimum order quantity is 25 for each colourway. (i.e. a single product with 2 colourway totals 50 units).
What is your lead time?
As our products are all printed and manufactured in the UK, our usual turnaround time from approval and payment through to completion is 2-6 weeks.
I need my products in a hurry, can I get them fast tracked?
We offer an express service, availability of this service is dependent on the production calendar.
I want to design my place from scratch, how long will it take?
We love creating new designs. Our creative team have compiled a quick and easy questionnaire where you can list any landmarks and buildings you would like in the design.

Once you’ve done that, the process to develop your commissioned design usually takes around 2 weeks to complete. When you have approved the artwork, and order and payment has been confirmed, production will take a further 2-6 weeks


Do I get final say on the design?
Yes, once our design team start work to tweak a city (based on your requests), or commission your design, we always send you a final draft copy to pre-approve before going to print.

The underlying theme on Urban Illustrations is the design style which is the key feature for all our re-imagined cities.
I want to include my own landmarks, can I?
Of course! Our designs can be customised by our design team who can replace or remove buildings and landmarks. Get in touch with our sales team today and they will be able to assist you further.
I want to use my brands colours, can I?
The advantage of working with our design style is it is customisable, even down to the colours used. So, if you have a colour preference, then please do let us know.
Do I have to have printed handles?
No, we also offer contrast colours handles and linings. The beauty of producing our products in the UK means the customisation options are endless.


How much do your products cost?
Our products vary in price across the range and depend on factors such as fabric quality and quantity. Contact our sales team to enquire about our UK made products.
How are your products made? Where do the materials come from?
All of our products are made from ethically sourced materials here in the UK.
Where are your products printed?
All of our products are printed in Sheffield, UK, in an environmentally friendly, organic accredited print facility.
Can I have my own branded labels on the products instead of Urban Illustrations?
The Urban Illustration brand logo will always be displayed discreetly alongside your brand within our design. We offer the option to add additional accessories such as woven labels.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with designers, entrepreneurs and private label companies on commissioned designs. Please get in touch with our sales team for more information.

Your Order

How do I place an order?
You can place an order once you have received your quote. To get a quote either use the quote basket, email us on hello@urbanillustration.com or call us on 0114 308 00 99
Can I make any changes to the design or the quantity once I have placed my order?
Once you have approved your artwork, this is seen as a final order confirmation and changes must be discussed with your account manager. If you wish to increase the quantity of your order, we are able to accommodate this if it fits in with the production schedule. However once your order has been scheduled for production no changes to the design are permitted.
Something has changed and I need to cancel my order, is this possible?
All Cancellations must be provided in writing. The design fees will still be charged as agreed in the confirmed quotations and any work that has already been started will also be charged for.
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we can ship to any country. Please provide our sales team with your shipping details and we will provide you with a quotation.
Do you do drop shipping?
Yes, let us know your requirements when you ask for a quote.


I want to feature you in an article or blog I’m writing, can I?
Yes, please contact marketing@urbanillustration.co.uk and let us know the content of the piece.