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Top 10 Spots for Staycations- Great Britain

September 11, 2020


The majority of Brits travel abroad for their holidays. In 2019 the average Brit spent just under 10 days abroad and 72.6 million trips were taken abroad, primarily to Spain, France, and Italy. However, this year has (unsurprisingly) seen a massive fall in foreign tourism, and with travel corridor not allowing us to pop across to our favourite spots without a 14-day isolation, holidaying abroad is less convenient. The new trend seems to be staycations and with Brits realising how brilliant the UK is, going on holiday on home soil may become the new norm.
If you are stuck for somewhere to visit this year in the UK, here are our top 10 places to visit for a Staycation.

  1. Northumberland

    Northumberland, the most northern English county bordering Scotland. It’s home to lots of amazing spots to visit during your stay. Alnwick, synonymous with its castle famous for being the site of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films, also boasts stunning gardens, including a poison garden with some of the world’s most dangerous plants!

    Another amazing castle in Northumberland is Bamburgh Castle, located right on the beachfront with a vast and interesting history- this is definitely one for your to do list.

    Of course there is a large stretch of Hadrian’s wall through Northumberland National Park which is an amazing historical insight into the Roman rule of Britain. Along the wall are many Roman Forts and museums to visit and brush up on your British-Roman history. Another photo opportunity along the wall is the famous Sycamore tree from the Robin Hood Prince of Thieves film.

  2. Dundee

    Dundee, voted the coolest little city in Britain in 2015, and there is no doubt about it, Dundee is very cool indeed. After reinventing itself from the traditional jute, jam and journalism, Dundee is now a hotspot for the arts and food. By being home to the first Victoria & Albert Museum outside of London, in a stunning dockside building and a really exciting surge in modern Scottish cuisine it has certainly done that! As well as the McManus Galleries and Dundee Contemporary Arts, if you are a fan of fine art and food then Dundee is the place to be.

  3. The Beaches of North Yorkshire and East Riding.

    Beaches? Yorkshire? Surely not! Well the often-forgotten range of beaches in East Riding and North Yorkshire are some amazing hidden gems in the North. From Kilnsea to Redcar there are so many beaches to visit on the north coast ready for visitors.

    From the stunning views and landscape of Whitby (you might even get a chance at some vampire spotting), Staithes, and Robin Hoods Bay; to the family friendly spots in Filey, Bridlington, and Scarborough; and Puffin spotting in Flamborough.

  4. Cardiff

    Cardiff is such an exciting city, there is something for everyone to do. With the largest concentration of castles in any city in the world, there is plenty for history fans to explore and learn. The music scene is so diverse, for more classical tastes Cardiff is home to the Welsh National Orchestra and the fantastic Welsh Opera, if you’re not so into the classics the Cardiff Big Weekend is a free festival held throughout the city hosting groups and artists from a variety of music genres. And like all capital cities there are plenty of fantastic parks to lose yourself and restaurants and bars to treat yourself!

  5. Norfolk Broads

    The Norfolk Broads are just a place of calm and tranquillity. The Norfolk National Park is made up of over 125 miles of man-made waterways. On the shore you will find gorgeous scenery, quaint towns and villages. For a relaxing holiday, walking, cycling, sailing, whatever your choice of transport, the Broads are the place for a chill slow-paced staycation.

  6. Pembrokeshire

    Pembrokeshire is on the south coast of Wales, and it really sells itself. The 50 glorious beaches in the region, golden sands, bright blue seas and the stunning coastline is probably all you need to convince yourself to head down the Welsh coast. If you are looking for a beach getaway with all the water sports and ice cream you would want, then get yourself down to Pembrokeshire.

  7. York

    There is so much to do in York, it has a very colourful history. From being a Roman settlement to the Viking raids through to the Norman conquests, with all that history, there are some interesting places you should add to your to do list; explore and learn about Clifford’s Tower, the Jorvik Centre and the York Minster.

    If history isn’t quite your thing then don’t worry, there is a chocolate museum showcasing York’s confectionery expertise and there are a wide variety of amazing pubs, restaurants, bars, tea rooms and some shopping on the Shambles to keep you entertained.

  8. Glencoe, Glenshee, Ben Nevis, Cairngorm, and The Lecht

    More of a winter sports holidayer? Well then fear not, because Scotland has FIVE ski resorts. That’s right, there’s 5 amazing ski resorts right on our doorstep here in the UK, meaning you could just pop to a ski resort for the weekend, no flights, and no heavy luggage charges for skis. Throughout the 5 resorts there is a varying degree of difficulty for all abilities from green to black as well as terrain parks for freestyle skiers. Ski season is normally in January and February giving you plenty of time to pop up for a few runs.

  9. Bailiwick of Guernsey

    The name used for the three crown dependencies of Guernsey, Alderney, and Sark located off the south coast of mainland Britain in the Channel just to the west of Normandy in France. Whilst you’re sort of going abroad you are still within the British Isles, so we think it still counts as a staycation! The three islands are absolutely gorgeous. With stunning scenery, golden beaches, and natural features, you won’t realise you’re not sunning it up somewhere exotic.

    The Isle of Sark also has no motor vehicles (apart from tractors) and no street lights after dark so it is the most amazing place to get away from the bright lights and loud noises of town life, just relax and see the stars.

  10. The Chilterns AONB

    Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It sure is! The Chilterns AONB to the northwest of London is just gorgeous. It is the ideal getaway to get yourself in touch with nature, perfect for long walks, bike rides and outside living. Walking through the forests and seeing the breath-taking natural views.