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Sustainable things to do in Copenhagen

May 1, 2022

Beautiful, clean, and sustainable. Words that are used to describe Copenhagen, one of the most sustainable cities in Europe.

Copenhagen has taken the lead as one of the most environmentally friendly cities in Europe. Sustainability is seen all around, with gardens and parks scattered all around the city meaning you are never far from a green oasis, great transport links, and world-class green certified hotels and restaurants. It is no wonder it has been ranked as the world’s most popular city and is an unmatched tourist destination for the green traveller.

Stroll through nature’s urban gardens and green spaces

The city is surrounded by water and has integrated green and urban spaces around the city, one-fourth of the city is made up of green spaces.

Kings Garden is one of Denmark’s oldest Royal Gardens, also known as Rosenborg Garden. You are welcomed by three beautiful entrances, tree-lined paths, rose-bound arches and Pavillion and the statute of Hans Christian Andersen. Kings Garden is home to herbaceous borders, rose arches and several fountains. Escape in the beauty of nature.


Green Bike Tours

Take a 3-hour bike tour around the city, exploring the natural sites, bike bridges, solar installations green roofs, harbour pools, green architecture, energy-efficient buildings, and wind turbines. A Copenhagen bike tour is a perfect way into the green city and explores beautiful nature in a different way.


Bybi’s honey factory is a place where rich urban nature and shared communal society come together. Bybi is one of Europe’s largest urban beekeeping projects. With the support of businesses, social projects and local communities, millions of bees can thrive by living in hives on rooftops and yards across the city. In addition, green cities are a sustainable part of natural living not just for us but for the bees.

Take a dip in the clean waters

In Copenhagen, you are never far from beaches, during the summer you can also go swimming in many centrally located harbour baths. Sandkaj Harbour bath is an official bathing zone, it is open all year round and is a short walk from Copenhagen City Centre. Arguably, summer is the best time for a Copenhagen city break especially if you sun lounging, swimming and cosmopolitan eateries.


Visit CopenHill

A clean power plant topped with a rooftop ski slope, CopenHill is a feat of engineering and is worth a visit even if you don’t want to ski. Located on the industrial waterfront, there are opportunities to explore the exciting green landscape via hiking, climbing or simply picnicking! Moreover, CopenHill shows how buildings can be multi-use by providing for the communities in more than one way.


In conclusion, Copenhagen is a city of green nature, sustainable living, and innovative practices. Constantly maintaining a greener city that works with nature, not against it. For a sustainable city break that shows how nature and city life can work together choose Copenhagen.

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