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An injection of new products in to your gift shop is a great way to entice customers. Whether it be a whole range of new products, or just one or two additions to your shelves.

"It is important to really consider what you are adding to your ranges for your customers and your business."

In this blog we will discuss everything that should be considered when you are adding new wholesale gift shop products to your collections.

1. Quantity – one product or a range

Quantity is a biggie.

Ask yourself two questions:

  1. Are you looking to fill out your shelves a little more with one or two new additions?
  2. Or are you really wanting to shake up your store by adding a whole stand-alone range of souvenirs and products?

By establishing the scale of gift shop products you need, it becomes easier to find suppliers who can satisfy that and to explore your options.


2. Whose products do you want to stock?

Do you want to stock your own products with original designs, or do you want to be a supplier and buy wholesale gift items?

This is another big question that needs answering.

If you are creating your own products then you need to get your sketchbook out and look for a supplier who is able to share your vision and work with you to create a product that will be perfect for your store, and that will sell!

If you are wanting to diversify and stock products from other companies then you can have some fun browsing giftware wholesalers and designers that really have that special something that you think will make your shelves pop or bring a new vibe that you’re looking for.


3.What your customers want?

How do your customers buy? 

You can use how your customers buy to tailor your choices of how you stock your shelves. As much as you love a product or range, at the end of the day, if there is not a market for the products you stock, there is little benefit to stocking it.

If there are clear trends of how they respond to your gift shop products, then that makes it easier. If not maybe trial a few products or ask for clients’ opinions on some ideas you have.


4. Do you have a theme?

Does your giftshop have a theme?

Maybe it is not deliberate, it could be a specific colour scheme you stick to or maybe you have a penchant for florals.

If it is a theme that works for you, look for wholesale gift suppliers with a similar style so you can continue with what works. Or if you want to diversify then maybe now is the time to step out your comfort zone and have a look around.

When looking at introducing new products into your gift shop answering these four questions at the start will make the whole process run a lot more smoothly. Contact us for more information.