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Oslo, the capital of Norway, is one of the most underrated cities in Europe. Skyscrapers, colourful houses, art parks, magical fjords, marinas and ships coming and going, tons of green spaces, museums, food halls and restaurants. Oslo has it all! Not to mention, the great cultural history focusing on Vikings.  

A beautifully sustainable city, with a great public transportation system, to help both locals and tourists to get around the city quickly and easily. Oslo is also a very walkable city as all the major tourist attractions are close to each other.  It’s the ideal city for a short city break. That's why, in this blog, we will explore the best things you can do in 24 hours in Oslo, Norway.  

Read on for Urban Illustration’s guide for 24 hours in Oslo! 


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Take a trip to the past and live like a Viking  

When you think of Norway the second thing that comes to mind after the fjords are Vikings. The Oslo region was a very important area during the Viking Age, which occurred from 800 to 1050 A.D. The Vikings were one of the world’s greatest civilizations, and they were major contributors to the age of discovery. 

A great place to find out more about the Viking’s history Is the Viking Ship Museum on the Bygdoy Peninsula, a residential and cultural neighbourhood with museums and hiking trails. The museum hosts some of the world’s best-preserved Viking ships and displays archaeological finds from Viking tombs around the Oslo Fjord. This includes furniture, horse carts, weapons and many more. Definitely, one of the top things to do in Oslo 

 If you are looking for something a bit more interactive, then we suggest visiting the ‘Viking Planet’  which demonstrates the impact the Vikings had on Norwegian and world culture via holograms, cinematic experiences, virtual reality, and more. 


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Check out Oslo's Art scene  

Oslo is home to some magnificent pieces of art and sculptors. If you are an art lover, then we recommend you visit the Norwegian National Gallery. The gallery is best known for showcasing world-famous paintings created by the popular artist Munch such as ‘The Scream’ and the ‘Madonna’. In addition to this, the National Gallery’s collection has Renaissance and Baroque pieces by Lucas Cranach the Elder, and El Greco as well as 19th and 20th-century art by masters like Monet and Picasso.  

Another great location to view some impressive Norwegian art is the Frognerparken. A beautiful park which features several sculptures designed by iconic Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland focusing on human emotions. The park is free to enter and features 212 sculptures in total, in bronze and granite from Iddefjord. The main attraction is the Monolith: a totem-like pole depicting naked people in all stages of life.  



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Visit a Fjord 

You cannot leave Oslo without visiting a fjord! A fjord is a narrow, deep inlet of the sea surrounded by towering cliffs, which are typically formed when a glacier retreats and the sea floods the resulting valley floor. Norway is one of the best places in the world to experience fjords. The perfect place to enjoy the lovely weather in Oslo and fresh fjord air.  

Oslofjord is closest fjord to Oslo. It is about 60 miles long and peppered with many tiny islands that are graced with their own histories. There are several ways to explore this waterway: island-hopping with an Oslo Pass or on a sightseeing fjord cruise. Oslofjord is a popular place to go swimming, kayaking, hiking, and fishing.  



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Eat in renowned restaurants  and food halls 

The Norwegian dining scene is so unique and diverse, it is definitely worth a try! The first place you should visit is the Mathallen, Oslo’s food hall. This indoor colourful and energetic food market offers local food products from Norwegian producers and speciality shops. Here you will find a wide selection of cuisines from across the globe.  

Moreover, Vippa is also an amazing food hall nested inside an old industrial building. The various stalls serve a mixture of affordable, international cuisine, and have a relaxed atmosphere with superb sea views.

If you are looking for something a bit more quiet and traditional Norwegian cuisine, then we suggest you visit Engebret Cafe, the oldest enduring restaurant in Oslo, which has been in operation since 1857. Their speciality is reindeer meat, which is very popular amongst the locals.  

For drinks, you should head to Himkok the cocktail bar which was voted one of the world’s 50 best bars. This lively bar is also a distillery where they make their spirits — usually gin, vodka, and Norwegian aquavit. A great location to end your Oslo day trip!  



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There you have the best things to do in Oslo, Norway. The Norwegian capital has a laid-back vibe that few capitals can replicate, and you are only ever a public transport ride away from outstanding nature experiences.  

We highly recommend you buy an Oslo City Pass for free entrance to 30 museums, free public transportation, outdoor swimming pools and discounts on restaurants! 

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Top things to do in Oslo, Norway in 24 hours  

Beautiful, clean, and sustainable. Words that are used to describe Copenhagen, one of the most sustainable cities in Europe.

Copenhagen has taken the lead as one of the most environmentally friendly cities in Europe. Sustainability is seen all around, with gardens and parks scattered all around the city meaning you are never far from a green oasis, great transport links, and world-class green certified hotels and restaurants. It is no wonder it has been ranked as the world’s most popular city and is an unmatched tourist destination for the green traveller.

Stroll through nature’s urban gardens and green spaces

The city is surrounded by water and has integrated green and urban spaces around the city, one-fourth of the city is made up of green spaces.

Kings Garden is one of Denmark’s oldest Royal Gardens, also known as Rosenborg Garden. You are welcomed by three beautiful entrances, tree-lined paths, rose-bound arches and Pavillion and the statute of Hans Christian Andersen. Kings Garden is home to herbaceous borders, rose arches and several fountains. Escape in the beauty of nature.


Green Bike Tours

Take a 3-hour bike tour around the city, exploring the natural sites, bike bridges, solar installations green roofs, harbour pools, green architecture, energy-efficient buildings, and wind turbines. A Copenhagen bike tour is a perfect way into the green city and explores beautiful nature in a different way.


Bybi’s honey factory is a place where rich urban nature and shared communal society come together. Bybi is one of Europe’s largest urban beekeeping projects. With the support of businesses, social projects and local communities, millions of bees can thrive by living in hives on rooftops and yards across the city. In addition, green cities are a sustainable part of natural living not just for us but for the bees.

Take a dip in the clean waters

In Copenhagen, you are never far from beaches, during the summer you can also go swimming in many centrally located harbour baths. Sandkaj Harbour bath is an official bathing zone, it is open all year round and is a short walk from Copenhagen City Centre. Arguably, summer is the best time for a Copenhagen city break especially if you sun lounging, swimming and cosmopolitan eateries.


Visit CopenHill

A clean power plant topped with a rooftop ski slope, CopenHill is a feat of engineering and is worth a visit even if you don’t want to ski. Located on the industrial waterfront, there are opportunities to explore the exciting green landscape via hiking, climbing or simply picnicking! Moreover, CopenHill shows how buildings can be multi-use by providing for the communities in more than one way.


In conclusion, Copenhagen is a city of green nature, sustainable living, and innovative practices. Constantly maintaining a greener city that works with nature, not against it. For a sustainable city break that shows how nature and city life can work together choose Copenhagen.

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Rome is one of the most photogenic cities in Europe.  Ancient landmarks, colourful neighbourhoods, elegant fountains, beautiful architectural buildings are just some of the best Rome Instagram spots to take the best shots. 

When you’re visiting the Eternal City to shoot, the last thing you want to do is miss out on one of these magical Instagrammable locations. That’s why our guide to the most Instagrammable places in Rome is here to inspire and help you map out your visit. 


The view from San Gianicolo Hill  


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Gianicolo Hill offers a breathtaking scenic view of Central Rome. It is located outside the ancient city and is very close to historic places like the Vatican. This is a perfect place for sight lovers as well as for history lovers. It is one of the highest hills in Rome and includes many famous historic centres such as the Dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral, Borghese Villa, and Galleria Borghese.  The hill is also known for its defence against French troops. Thus, every day at noon, a cannon goes off from here to proclaim the time of day. This has happened every single day for the past 165 years, only having been interrupted once! The hill lies just behind the characteristic Trastevere neighbourhood. Therefore, it is one of the most Instagrammable places in Rome. You can spend a lovely evening in this area, enjoying the sunset over St Peter’s Basilica, then heading down the hill to one of the many restaurants and bars to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine. Visit the San Gianicolo Hill to get that panoramic Instagram picture checked off your list.  


Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana 


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The most imposing and symbolic building in the developed and modernized district of Rome is without doubt the Palazzo Della Civilta Italiana, which is also known as the “Square Colosseum”. This building was commissioned by Benito Mussolini. Hence, the building remains a symbol of Italian Fascist architecture. In addition to this, Mussolini wanted this building to remind people of the ancient Colosseum and give them the impression that fascism would last forever. Furthermore, each side of the building consists of six rows of nine arches, rising to a height of 50m. Likewise, these numbers are a homage to the project’s fascist patron, with the six rows reflecting the six letters of Benito and the nine arches the nine letters of Mussolini. Most recently, the Fendi fashion house purchased and renovated the building where they established the global headquarters. Furthermore, occasional contemporary-art exhibitions are staged on the ground floor. A very elegant and high-fashion location to get the perfect Instagram picture to spice up your feed.  

Piramide di Caio Cestio (Pyramid of Cestius), Via Raffaele Persichetti 


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If someone told you that they had visited a pyramid while visiting Rome, would you have believed him? Now you have a chance to see it yourself. The Pyramid of Cestius is a monumental pyramid, built over 2,000 years ago by a Roman nobleman Gaius Cestius. It was made accessible to the public for the first time ever in 2015. Located on the outskirts of Rome, it is one of the best-preserved ancient buildings in the Italian capital. This pyramid is 37 metres tall and nearly 30 square metres large. Fun fact; the pyramid used to be covered in marble. Now, that is impressive! Thanks to the great state of preservation of the pyramid, visitors can even enter the burial chamber, which is concealed inside, still boasting beautiful ancient decor and frescos. WOW, your Instagram followers, with a picture of this hidden gem!  




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Perhaps the most charming neighbourhood in all Rome is Trastevere. A  beautiful and vibrant area full of authentic Roman trattorias and cafes. From romantic winding alleyways and cobblestone streets to majestic churches and splendid piazzas, there's plenty to keep tourists busy. This atmospheric neighbourhood with the great nightlife is located on the west bank of the Tiber. One of the true beauties of Trastevere is Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere, with the picture-perfect Basilica alongside the golden mosaics and external fountain. The Basilica is one of the oldest churches in Rome and was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Trastevere is very quiet during the day, pleasantly removed from the crowds and hustle and bustle of the city, yet conveniently located within walking distance from the Historic Center, the Vatican City and Spanish Steps. Hence, it is one of the top things to do when in Rome. It is truly the ideal location for a lovely stroll to see the true colours of Bella Rome and the best photo to brighten up your Instagram feed. 


Quartiere Coppedè  


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Quartiere Coppedè is an unexpected and extraordinary area within the Trieste district in Rome, Italy. Its architecture incorporates a mix of Ancient Greek, Medieval, Mannerist, Roman Baroque, and Art Nouveau styles. For this reason, it is also known as Rome’s “Fairytale” district. The architect of this gorgeous district is the Florentine architect Gino Coppedè, who was working on the quarter from 1913 until he died in 1927. It is a unique location; you will probably not find it in tourist guides. No two buildings look the same. Likewise, all the buildings have beautiful murals painted onto the exterior. Additionally, the wonderful ‘frog fountain’ is a great location to take your memorable Instagram photo. Moreover, Coppedè’s fantasy style buildings have attracted several filmmakers over the years. This novel setting was seen on the big screen in movies such as The Perfume of the Lady in Black (1974), Inferno (1980) and  The Omen (1976). 



Rome is a beautiful timeless city and the most Instagrammable places are scattered all around it! Realistically, you’d need at least a few days if not longer to photograph all these locations. I’d recommend picking the ones that really stand out and then photographing others nearby so that you don’t miss your favourite shots. 

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It’s the new year, and it’s time to try new cuisines. Why not start with the traditional Irish cuisine? It includes delicious ‘feel good’ dishes, perfect for the winter weather.  Making use of the fresh seafood available on Ireland’s shores, the beef and lamb reared in its green pastures to make appetizing stews, and the locally grown vegetables, to create some healthy veggie dishes.  But don't wait until St. Patrick’s Day to enjoy these authentic dishes, discover Ireland’s most iconic foods, with our helpful food guide.  


A boxty is a type of pancake made of the country’s most popular vegetable – the potato. Combining finely grated raw and mashed potato, this mixture is then fried in a griddle pan and is usually part of the full Irish breakfast. Boxty is a cheap and filling potato pancake, which is served with organic vegetables and shellfish cream.  It’s a part pancake and part hash brown: what’s not to love? Plus, you can enjoy it with some creamy Irish coffee.  

Eat it at O’Holohan’s on the Barge, or McHughs Bar & Restaurant Belfast.   



Soda Bread

Authentic Irish soda bread is a quick bread made with baking soda. The other ingredients are flour, buttermilk and salt. The basic recipe is pretty simple, but many Irish families add their twist by mixing different fruit and spices. It’s a lovely filling snack when slathered with creamy Irish butter and accompanied by a cup of tea. According to ancient folklore, this yeast-free bread is traditionally scored with an X to ward off evil (but it also helps the bread rise). This traditional bread is available pretty much at every bakery in Belfast.  




Coddle is a traditional Irish cold-weather treat, which is generally made up of leftover ingredients tossed in one pot and coddled (or simmered) together slowly. Leftovers include bacon, sausage, potatoes, onions, and butter and you can add herbs like thyme as well as parsley. Pepper can be sprinkled over the top to enhance the taste. It is best enjoyed with brown bread or even Irish Soda Bread. Fun fact, coddle is reported to have been the favourite meal of playwright Seán O’Casey and Gulliver’s Travels author Jonathan Swift and it also appears in works by James Joyce. 

You can find it at The Hercules Bar (https://www.thehercules.co.uk/) or White Tavern (https://www.whitestavernbelfast.com/ 


Irish Stew 

One of the most traditional Irish dishes is the Irish stew. It’s the ultimate comfort food that is preferred because of its taste, low cost, and of course, its nutritional richness as it is a combination of meat, fresh veggies, and some herbs. The cooking time is very long, around 2 hours, in order to make the meat soft and tender. Some also bring in variations by adding mushrooms, barley, and some Guinness. It’s served with some sprinkles of thyme and parsley on top. The perfect twist to the traditional stew.  

Bright’s restaurant (https://www.brightsrestaurantbelfast.co.uk/) and Robinsons (https://robinsonsbar.co.uk/ 


Black and White Pudding

Don’t be fooled by the name ‘pudding’—this Irish staple is made from pork sausage. To be specific, it’s a sausage made with pork meat, fat and blood. The Irish like to enjoy their black pudding with white pudding, which is identical just without blood.  Moreover, the puddings are usually served as a slice with the full Irish breakfast. Talented Irish chefs have also found unique ways to incorporate it into salads and main dishes.  

You’ll be able to purchase traditional black and white puddings in local butchers in Belfast or have it with your Full Irish Breakfast.  



We hope you enjoyed reading Urban illustration’s guide to traditional food in Ireland, and where to eat them in Belfast.  

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Tips to have a more eco-friendly and sustainable trip in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the ideal location for eco-conscious tourists.  Interestingly, in 2010 Amsterdam was nominated for the European Green Capital 2010 award. The city encompasses an eco-friendly attitude including tree-lined canals, famous parks and 400km of cycle lanes. All this makes it a great place for the eco-conscious to have a city break. We have put together some eco-tips and activities you can do that will make your stay as green as can be. 



So, when you first think of transportation in Amsterdam, the first thing that comes to mind is cycling! To be sure, it is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world.  It’s the best eco-way to see the city just like one of the locals.  Furthermore, the city is equipped with well-designed cycle lanes and flat streets to guarantee a smooth and pleasant bike ride.  

It’s not only environmental-friendly but also the fastest way to get around in the city. You can explore the Dutch capital on a bike ride along the canals, with its museums, Dutch-style houses, and typical cafés. 

If you are not a confident bike rider, to handle Amsterdam’s crowded streets then worry no more! You can always take a bike guided tour to guide you through the crowds.  


Alternative transportation  



If biking is not your thing, then you can always explore the city on foot. Amsterdam is small enough for you to walk around and walking along the canals will allow you to discover lively neighbourhoods such as the Jordaan and picturesque path spots. In addition to this, there are free guided walks offered around the city.  


Boat it out  

Amsterdam, also known as the “Venice of the North,” can be explored via its canals. Visitors can either hire a pedal boat at Leidseplein quays and go at their own pace or take a tour on one of the electric boats which are powered by natural gas and other sustainable fuels.   


Public Transportation  

The Dutch city has an amazing and well-organised public transportation network, which includes trams, metro, bus, ferries, and trains. Notably, most of these run-on green electricity and are convenient and easy to navigate. Tourists can buy 1-day to 7-day tickets or the iAMsterdam City Card which gives visitors unlimited rides. 


The Plastic Whale  

For an eco canal cruise choose the Plastic Whale. It’s a special boat that was created by a company that harvests plastic out of the canals with the help of passengers and uses this plastic to make more boats and office furniture.  

The Plastic Whale offers its guests a two-hour outing, seeing some of the most famous landmarks that are best viewed from the canals. During those two hours, guests are provided with snacks and drinks and are also invited to participate in collecting some of the waste that is littering the beautiful waterways. It is important to highlight that collecting plastic is not mandatory for any guest.  

The Plastic Whale also holds competitions between groups onboard awarding prizes for the team with the largest amount of plastic retrieved, as well as one for the most original object collected. A must for any eco-warriors out there. 


Choose an Eco-Friendly Hotel  

In Amsterdam, most hotels are becoming more energy-efficient and implementing energy-saving measures. Additionally, more than 50 hotels are being rewarded a Green Key certificate, which indicates that their facilities are sustainable.  

One of the best eco-friendly hotels is The Conscious Hotel, which has three locations in the city and offers guests a 100% sustainable experience.  A modern hotel with furniture, which is made from recycled plastics.  They also serve a big, healthy and organic breakfast. Likewise, the hotel has solar panels on the roof and an eco-product shop. Plus, they offer in their rooms non-toxic shampoo which comes in large, refillable pump bottles. This hotel is a favourable choice for eco-conscious guests that want to keep their carbon footprint to a minimum whilst visiting the city.   

Other eco-friendly hotel options include; EcoMama Hotel and Zoku Amsterdam  


Ecological shops and markets 

What better way to support local farmers other than purchasing organic fruit and vegetables to snack on during the trip. If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing then make sure you check out the Farmers Market (Boerenmarkt) at the Noordermarkt square.  

Another hotspot for eco-conscious tourists is the colourful flower market, which runs along the canals. Brighten up your day by having a pleasant walk and browsing the colourful world-famous dutch tulips, which is the national flower of Holland.   

If you are into thrift shopping, then the vintage markets and upcycling shops in the Pijp district are worth a visit. Another location to check out is the Haarlemmerdijk and the LENA fashion library, which allows you to borrow quality vintage and designer clothing.   



The Netherlands is the place to go for eco-friendly places and activities, and you’ll be spoilt for choice in Amsterdam! These tips are a snapshot of how to have an eco-conscious trip to the ‘Dam, once you’re there   


An unmissable extravaganza! 

 Due to the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic many organisations are finding new creative ways to host their events. This is the case with the famous Brighton & Hove Pride. After 2021's parade and the festival had to be cancelled earlier this year, they have decided to launch Pride in August at the Ironworks Studios. This month-long event, supported by Tesco, will include a series of small events supporting LGBTQ artists and the wider community. This exciting festival will include show-stopping cabaret, comedy, theatre, dance, film, activism, and politics, which will take place live from the Ironworks Studios in central Brighton.   

Brighton Pride

The program of Pride at the Ironworks is as follows:  

19th of August: An Evening with Heather Peace  

Heather chats to BBC broadcaster Kathy Caton about her life, music and activism before taking to the stage for a live intimate gig in Act 2. During the gig, Heather’s wonderful album Hey Mayhem was received with great acclaim upon release and hit no.10 in the independent artist's chart. 


20th of August: Eliza Legzdina  

Latvian-born superstar Eliza Legzdina with unorthodox roots in Opera and poetry. The release of Eliza's debut EP saw Clash Magazine hail her as an "Icon-In-Waiting" and was featured on the soundtrack to the hit TV show 'I May Destroy You'.  Eliza’s recent single with Lau.ra, Wicked, is on all streaming platforms, playlisted on Dance Party Spotify.  


21st of August: The Bitten Peach  

Don’t miss the UK’s only gender-diverse pan-Asian cabaret collective. This unique show includes cabaret, burlesque, drag, music, aerial, and dance. The Bitten Peach is the UK’s only gender-diverse Pan-Asian cabaret collective, made up of over 100 performers and creatives of Asian descent who work in a variety of artistic, nightlife genres. This includes drag, burlesque, dance, comedy, music, and circus.  


22nd of August: Ben Papworth’s Ben Will I be famous?  

Pianist, singer, MD-Extraordinaire Ben Papworth presents his show packed with: show tunes, camper, belting and wine. Ben Papworth regularly collaborates with the hottest cabaret acts such as Davina de Campo, Keith Ramsey and Velma Celli. A lively and thrilling performance you do not want to miss.  


23rd of August: Girli  

Milly Toomey, known as Girli, is a London-based singer, songwriter and rapper and performs music about feminism, sexuality, queer culture, and mental health. Girli has recently launched the new EP, Ex Talk and was recently described by The Guardian as “PC Music, bubblegum pop, pop-punk and rap, each one treading a line between catchy and deliberately discomforting.” 


26th of August: lan Elmslie’s Old Boyfriends  

An astonishing musical show featuring a selection of original songs, composed and performed by Ian Elmslie reflecting on past loves and the lessons learned. The musical styles range from vaudeville to jazz, country and western to Irish ballad, musical theatre to disco. Expect a memorable and emotional evening full of shared experiences alongside upbeat songs.  


27th of August: Willy Hudson’s ‘Buttom’  

Willy Hudson is a performer and writer from Devon who likes to confront social hang-ups with autobiographic storytelling, comedy, a fusion of theatrical form and lively soundtracks. Join Willy for a queer coming-of-age remix, for an unforgettable pleasant night full of laughs.  


 28th of August: Cinebra’s 50 Years of Pleasant Pictures  

The outstanding musical-comedy duo is back. The makers of ‘A History of Horror’, and ‘Glenda & Rita’ are back with their third addition to the Cinebra anthology with the “50 Years of Pleasant Pictures”. This is an astonishing play that showcases the two main characters recall their fondest memories and achievements from living in Hollywood in the 1970s.  



29th of August: Boogaloos Stu’s ‘Big Quiffy Bingo’  

Hosted by local Brighton hero Boogaloo Stu alongside some special guests for a bingo experience filled with, fun, filth and flashmob dances. In addition to this, one can expect from the non-stop nonsense, outrageous games, scandalous works of art, poetry slams, hilarious prizes and of course some very intense and competitive bingo. Will you be the winner of Stu’s gift hamper?  



Brighton & Hove Pride has raised almost one million pounds for local LGBTQ+ and HIV charities, community groups, social impact organisations and cultural activities in Brighton & Hove, helping to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of people in our communities. To make the cultural programme accessible to all members of the community, Pride will be offering some discounted tickets for every performance. Likewise, every ticket sold for ‘Pride at the Ironworks’ will include a charity donation to The Brighton Rainbow Fund, which will helps make a difference to the lives of people in the LGBTQ+ communities in Brighton and Hove. 

Tickets are on sale now at brighton-pride.org 


Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2021  

 A truly unmissable event 

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is one of the world’s largest arts festival that takes place every year in Edinburgh. Last year, it was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, however this year it's back on as a hybrid festival incorporating both physical and virtual events. Continue reading to find out more details about this iconic festival such as its main events, sustainability goals and ticket sales. 



What is the Fringe Festival?  

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe (also referred to as The Fringe or Edinburgh Fringe, or Edinburgh Fringe Festival) is a celebration of arts and culture. Established in 1947 as an alternative to the Edinburgh International Festival, it takes place annually in Edinburgh, Scotland, For three weeks in August from the 6th until the 30th, the city welcomes a plethora of creatives both local and from around the world.  

Fringe is home to the most popular comedy gigs. Correspondingly, some of the most popular comedy headliners include Emma Thompson, Hugh Laurie, Mike Myers, Robin Williams and Rowan Atkinson. Notable Fringe performances over the years have included the first performance of Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead in 1966; comedians Bill Bailey, Owen O'Neill, Phil Nichol and Stephen Frost in 12 Angry Men in 2003; and Ricky Gervais playing to 6,000 people at Edinburgh Castle in 2007. 

The Fringe normally brings in huge crowds, with over three million attending in 2019, and creating more than 3000 jobs. Crowds and performers attend from around the world, with acts from 63 countries attending in 2019. Furthermore, in 2018 the festival featured more than 55,000 performances of 3,548 different shows in 317 venues. The Fringe Festival usually takes place in multiple locations across Edinburgh (including The Meadows), The University of Edinburgh, and its surrounding areas.  


Main events and Confirmed Line-Up  

The Festival’s organisers announced that there will be three types of events:  

Some confirmed line-up acts include comedy events of Jason Byrne, Henning Wehn and Daniels Sloss. The deadline for all the acts registrations is at the end of August, hence more shows will be added weekly in July and throughout August. 



Sustainability is in the foreground of Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival. In 2017 the organisers launched the Fringe Blueprint which is a list of eight commitments they established until Fringe’s 75th anniversary in 2022. One of these commitments is to reduce Fringe’s carbon footprint by implementing initiatives to limit their impact on the environment. 

These initiatives focus on various areas such as various waste and recycling, production, energy, travel and transport e.t.c. Remarkably, since 2015, the Fringe Society has reduced its carbon footprint by 63%.  Read the festivals full Fringe Blueprint here.  


Fringe Festival 2021  

Despite huge uncertainty about what the event will look like, tickets for the festival will go on sale on the 1st of July. Nonetheless, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is sure to be a great event this year, whatever format it will present itself in.  

Further details of how to register a show for the Fringe are available on its website at www.edfringe.com. 



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Best dog friendly restaurants in Cornwall to celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day (Sunday, 20th of June) is just around the cornerand it is a wonderful opportunity to take your dad and even the whole family, including your pet somewhere special to celebrate. For this special day, we recommend the beautiful seaside region of Cornwall, which is considered a great holiday destination for dog owners. There are hundreds of beaches, many of which allow dogs, miles of coastal path to explore, as well as countryside, woodland and moorland to enjoy.  

Read on to discover five dog-friendly cafes and restaurants in Cornwall for the best Father’s Day dining experience.  

The Godolphin Arms  


Situated in the centre of Marazion the dog-friendly Godolphin Arms has a great reputation for food alongside the most amazing view of St. Michael's Mount. At this restaurant, you can enjoy delicious local cornish seafood and various vegetarian options. While there, you can walk along Marazion beach, maybe even a trip over to the Mount, with all the family.  Dogs are not allowed in the gardens or castle, but they can go over to the Mount and take a stroll around the harbour and shops. 

 The Potager Garden & Café 



This charming café serves up delicious, organic veggie food, fresh juices and gluten-free cakes. The café is located Potager Garden in Falmouth near the village of Constantine. The café serves a variety of vegetarian dishes along with delicious homemade cakes, great veggie breakfasts and lunches. Dogs are welcome but need to be on a leadThe café itself is housed in a stylish and bright converted greenhouse and there is also seating outside, where you can sit under the trees or lounge in hammocksThe perfect alternative to the mainstream restaurants to celebrate Father’s Day 

Jamaica Inn 

Picture of a restaurant

Link to image: https://bit.ly/3tk6ZWb

Cornwall’s most famous smugglers Inn is situated in the vast Bodmin Moor. Jamaica Inn the inspiration for Daphne du Maurier’s famous book about smugglers. The restaurant is full of character and is dog friendly, there are stunning views over the moor and there is also a smuggling museum, which is also dog friendly. Delicious pre-packed picnics are also available which are perfect to take on your journey or maybe for a walk on Bodmin Moor. An incredibly unique location to celebrate Father’s Day.  

 The Golden Lion 


Image source: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=129623289165081&set=a.129623265831750  

Eat or drink with fantastic views over the fishing harbour at The Golden Lion at the picturesque Port IsaacThis pub has starred in numerous films and TV shows such as Fisherman’s Friends and Doc Martin. It is a dog-friendly location that offers a delicious seasonal menu prepared with the best Cornish fish, meat and produce. Relax inside with views out of picture windows or outside on the sea view terrace. A wonderful location, where you, your family and your furry friend can enjoy a meal together.  


The Gurnard’s Head


On a map of Cornwall, you can spot this venue in the south part of the region located in Zennor near St Ives. This bright yellow building includes a pub and restaurant that has a relaxed stylish interior, a cosy fireplace and is also dog-friendly. On warmer days you can eat in the huge atmospheric enclosed garden and enjoy the awe-inspiring landscape of the Atlantic oceanYou can also stay the night in one of their comfortable rooms. A splendid and very peaceful location to take your father on his special day. 



Please note that all of the places recommended are very popular so do book ahead! 

Thinking of booking a whole weekend in the iconic region of Cornwall? Well, you are in luck because there’s a plethora of dog-friendly cottages and hotels to book as well as dog-friendly beaches to visit.  

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Urban Illustration's guide for the best Devon Honeymoon

If you are planning a staycation honeymoon then Devon is the perfect romantic destination to relax and enjoy some quality time together with your new spouse. Whether you’re looking for beautiful countryside and moors, tranquil coves or beachesDevon is the place to go. In this blog, we will be highlighting some of the most romantic things to do in Devon that will make your honeymoon extra special. 

Book a romantic cottage in Devon 

Of course, top of our list of romantic things to do in Devon is to book a special place to stay where you can spend quality time with your loved one. Devon, is well-known to have the most luxurious accommodation in the UK.  There are various holiday cottages or beach houses to choose from that are absolutely stunning and offer the most breath-taking views. Moreover, many properties include various unique amenities, such as open fires, swimming pools, jacuzzies or saunas. Pricewise some locations offer great all-inclusive honeymoon packages.


Wine Tasting

Sharpham Vineyard is a great location to experience beautiful vineyards and taste authentic Devon wineThe vineyard is nestled near the town of Totnes in DevonDuring your visit you have the option of booking a tour to learn all about the wine making processFurthermore, you can try the award-wining Sharpham cheese or dine in at the The Cellar Door Alfresco Kitchen. The scenery at the vineyard greatly resembles the authentic Italian countryside, hence it is a winning-idea for honeymoon couples 



Go for a beach walk 

When you think about Devon, the colour that comes in mind is blue. The colour of the magnificent South Devon’s beaches, which are the perfect locations for a romantic walk under the stars or sun. Honeymooners, love heading down to the beach at night to watch the starring sky with their loved one. However, we do advise to dress up warmly and even take some blankets with you to keep warm and cosyApart from the Devon Cliffs, locations such as Elendor Cove and Blackpool sands, tops our list for being Devon’s most romantic beaches. 



Picnic at Dartmoor

Dartmoor National Park is a vast moorland in Devon, a beautiful natural location for a lovely romantic picnic. There are plenty of great walks and pathways to choose from, that can accommodate every level of walker. Likewise, some wonderful locations to visit at Dartmoor are;  Bellever Tor and Venford Reservoir. The National Park also contains archaeological sites dating back to the Early Neolithic period such as Spinster’s RockMerrivale Bronze Age ceremonial complex and Grimspound 


Take a boat trip on the River Dart 

Sit back and appreciate the true vastness of the Dart Valley from the comfort of a boat paddle steamer or river boat cruise. There are several options for romantic boat trips, some even are available for private hire and offer dining experiences onboard, making your voyage an unforgettable experience.  One of the most popular choices honeymooners usually go for is the Picnic Boat, which is a private boat for two, and provides dining and, champagne as well as the options to be taken to a swimming or crabbing location or a vineyard tour at Sharpham.   


Dinner with a seascape view

Make your honeymoon dinner date one to remember by choosing some of top dining locations with the most breath-taking views. Our favourite restaurants include the luxurious Dart Marina in Dartmouth, Gara Rock in East Portlemouthand for offshore dining there’s River Exe Café, in Exmouth. Please note, that it is prudent to book a table at these locations in advance as they tend to get quite busy during the weekends.  



These are just a few of the romantic things to do in Devon. These tips will guarantee an unforgettable romantic Devon honeymoon accompanied by great scenery and great food. While you are at strolling the lovely streets of Devon, don't forget to check out the local tourist shops to spot our Devon-inspired products.


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6 Ideas for the perfect Devon Honeymoon:

Most Instagrammable restaurants and bars in Liverpool 2022

Make the end of lockdown, a moment to remember. Read on to find out the 6 most popular Instagrammable Liverpool restaurants and bars. 

Liverpool has always been known worldwide for being a maritime city with beautiful historical buildingsfamous football teams and music superstarsHowever, in the past few years, the City has become a hotspot for weekend getaways and its amazing up and coming food scene and their Insta-Perfect restaurants and bars The city of Liverpool has been described as the perfect location for a weekend getaway in the North. 

We have rounded up the best Liverpool restaurants and bars, where it is guaranteed that you will get an Insta-worthy photo. 

The Florist 



Liverpool's Botanic Wonderland that functions as a restaurant and bar. It is claimed to be the most photographed bar in the city, with its magnificent floral designs and artwork as well as its two full in-bloom trees in the grand entrance hall The Florist offers delicious non-vegetarian, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishesIn addition to this, they are known for their amazing cocktails which are made from herbs fresh-picked from their garden. It is truly one of the most beautiful venues in the city for you to snap that perfect picture!  At the venue, strict social distancing measures are implemented. Specifically,  all of the staff wears PPE as you enter the restaurant there are hand sanitising stations and several signs advising to social distance. 

The Florist will reopen on May 17th Bookings available online  

Address: 24 Hardman St, Liverpool L1 9AX 





luxurious fine-dining venue, located on Victoria's street. This gorgeous space is divided into two areas: Dash Restaurant & Bar and the nightclub ‘XOXO’. This glamorous restaurant serves up contemporary Pan-Asian cuisine as well as Sunday Lunch and Afternoon TeaIt is one of the best restaurants in Liverpool.  Likewise, one of the first points that greets the customers is the enormous 10-metre marble bar top, with the stylish stools offering comfortable seating to customers and creates a captivating modern look. chic New Parsian-style late-night restaurant & bar, which is perfect for birthdays and special occasions such as your first dining experience after lockdown. 

Bookings available online  

Address: 15 Victoria St, Liverpool L2 5QS 

Boujee Restaurant and Bar 




Boujee is an Instagram Influencers pink paradise with delicious cocktails and food. Choose from sharing platters, small plates and international dishes. This venue is fully equipped with Instagram-worthy photo opportunities for guests including a giant candy-themed area, a massive pink doll box, a colourful convertible car and more. Furthermore, Boujee provides an all-day experience by offering both casual dining options and late-night drinks. I don’t know about you, but I’m sold!  As with most venues now, cashless payments are preferred and all visits have been limited to 1,30 or 2 hours duration per table. Lastly, there is a strict dress code, which is classy, boujee and chic.

 Bookings available online 

Please note, bookings up till 9.45 pm are for dining & drinks.
Drinks only are after 9.45 pm on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Address: Liverpool One, Kenyons Steps, Liverpool L1 3DF 






If you are searching for the best Rooftop Skyline Instagram picture, then Liberté is the place to go. It is Liverpool’s largest flat level roof terrace that offers breathtaking views of the city where you can view popular monuments such as the World Heritage Waterfront, the Three Graces and the Albert Dock. Liberte (which is French for Freedom) offers pan-Asian cuisine and signature cocktails to enjoy all day long. The bar has an iconic modern vibe and is decorated with bright colours, graffiti-style art and neon lighting. During the winter months, the Winter Village comes to life, which features 16 x private hire chalet-style cosy lodges each with a capacity of up to 6 guests and are available for 90 mins. This place definitely passes the Insta-Worthy test.  Please visit the official website for more information about booking and the social distancing measures that are reinforced at this venue. 

Bookings available online 

Address: 50 Brunswick St, Liverpool L2 0PL 


The Neighbourhood  




One of the most popular hotspots in Liverpool, which has a New York vibrant vibe. It is located on Castle Street, in a historic venue that dates back to 1868. Neighbourhood's restaurant and bar first opened in Liverpool in 2016 and are known for, offering all-day drinking, dining and dancing experiences. Food and drink wise they specialise in sushi, seafood and steak and Insta-Worthy cocktails. Moreover, it is a popular location for a perfect weekend bottomless brunch as well as Sunday Roast Dinner for Sunday Lunch. Full of eye-catching neon signs and chic interior design, this a place not to miss. 

 The Neighbourhood will reopen on May 17th Bookings available online 

 Address: 62 Castle St, Liverpool L2 7LQ 

Papillon - Hope Street 




The Papilion is a new culinary delight for the city, located on Hope Street, which is one of the city’s most vibrant areas. This pink Gastro-Pub is a warm and stylish restaurant and bar where you can enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. The food menu revolves around pub classics with a contemporary twist such as venison scotch eggs, options and chilli beef brisket cornbread pie, as well as vegan choices. They also offer refreshing iced cold coffee-to-go, which can accompany you on your stroll around the city. Papillion, is a beautiful dog-friendly cafe and restaurant, with Instagram-friendly interiors and regular jazz nights. The perfect location for a nice meal and a #endoflockdown picture.  

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Most Instagrammable Bar and Restaurants in Liverpool: